Warpath live-action trailer with Nota Bene

Lilith Games

Lilith Games asked us to produce two live-action videos to promote the launch of their World War II-themed mobile real-time-strategy game, Warpath, on iOS.


Now is the time to open a new front in the air as the skies over Warpath welcome a new army of advanced air units ready for intense aerial combat and precision air strikes.

Join alliances from around the world in the fight for glory. Do you have what it takes to crush the enemy and liberate nations around the world? Will your tactics work?

Creative process

Aimed at French audiences, the live-action trailers needed to advertise the core mechanics of Warpath, grab the attention of mobile gamers, and encourage downloads on digital platforms.

We’ve previously worked with French YouTube sensation Nota Bene, and asked him to be part of our Warpath campaign. He was delighted to be involved, and portrayed a military leader in both videos Nota Bene also co-wrote the scripts with ourselves and Lilith Games.

We wanted our trailers to look and feel as realistic as possible. We worked closely with the Normandy Victory Museum, which was able to supply us with authentic rifles, military vehicles, props and extras, while our location scouts found the perfect setting for our faux battle.

When the shoot was complete, our team handled editing and post-production. The videos were then provided to Lilith Games and partners, so they could be used in a three-month paid social media campaign across YouTube and other social platforms.