Social media ambassador campaign with Jean-Claude Van Damme

Lilith Games

Lilith Games tasked us with sourcing a high-profile brand ambassador who would help us create an effective launch campaign for the WARPATH update, targeting new mobile audiences. We ended up working with Jean-Claude Van Damme through their social media ambassador campaign.


September 2021 saw the introduction of air force units to WARPATH, bringing new challenges and gameplay mechanics to Lilith Games’ mobile strategy smash-hit.

Now is the time to open a new front in the air as the skies over Warpath welcome a new army of advanced air units ready for intense aerial combat and precision air strikes.

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Creative process

Hollywood action icon Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD) is one of the world’s most popular and well-loved entertainers. Our research showed the Belgian’s profile matched extremely well with WARPATH’s 30+ male target audience, and with a social media following of approximately 33 million people, JCVD was well placed to cross-promote the campaign across the world.

Our team worked extremely hard to script and storyboard a campaign pitch to present to JCVD. It worked; he loved the ideas and was excited to become WARPATH’s global ambassador. With JCVD on-board, we had to move quickly to produce the videos. While negotiating with JCVD, our location scouts had sourced and booked a WW2 aircraft hangar in Lyon for the shoot.

Our team worked tirelessly to secure props, hire extras, film two commercials (and an accompanying interview video), take photographs, design key art, refine all captured footage and audio during the post-production process, and plan scheduled social posts for the campaign on JCVD’s social channels.

The campaign was a success, with the ‘Kung Fu’ video alone attracting nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube alone a week after launch. See the results below!