Rise of Kingdom live-action commercials with Joueur du Grenier

Lilith Games

As part of their strategy to reach targeted audiences in France, Lilith Games asked us to produce two high-quality Rise of Kingdoms live-action commercials that are entertaining, show aspects of the game and encourage the French audience to download Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a dynamic real-time strategy game created by Chinese studio Lilith Games. Rise of Kingdoms has been a huge success on mobile devices and is available to international audiences.

Creative process

First, our creative teams got together to flesh out concepts and draft scripts. We settled on two entertaining scenarios for the ads; iconic French figures Charlemagne and Joan of Arc in the Château de Fougères, recruiting soldiers for war and arguing with each other over strategy, with a Rise of Kingdoms player showing them all how easy it is to do on mobile, mixed with game footage.

Partnering with French YouTube gaming sensation Joueur du Grenier was a real coup; Joueur expertly played the part of Pater Europae, and his presence was also a key cross-promotion strategy, connecting Rise of Kingdoms to his 5 million-plus YouTube followers.

Our team also sourced and booked costumes, accessories and the shooting location; an authentic medieval citadel for the backdrop.

We managed a full production crew of 15, edited the ad and sound design in post-production, and also included end cards as calls to action to encourage downloads. We delivered the ads in the requested formats, both of which you can view below.