Custom Minecraft ‘The Warden’ Xbox bundle


To celebrate the newest update, Microsoft reached out to us, to concoct an exclusive custom Minecraft Xbox Series S inspired by the Warden.


Minecraft’s Wild update brought players to the terrifying Deep Dark biome, featuring an unstoppable & creepy protector: The Warden.

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Since the Deep Dark biome features glow-in-the-dark elements, it was only NATURAL that we incorporated bioluminescent elements to the custom Warden Xbox series S! After finetuning some designs, Microsoft settled on a final concept: an Xbox Series S adorned with the same intricate details featured on the Warden’s torso: strange lines & a geode-like glowing center.

The final concept features the same dark blue & deep green hues as the Deep Dark & sculk substance, which thrives on death and can alert enemies to the player’s presence. Meanwhile, the back of the console resembles the Warden’s eery chest design.

The custom system was featured as part of a Minecraft & Xbox Canada giveaway on Minecraft Rewards.