Custom Halo controller


The Yahoo team approached us to create a custom Halo controller matching the aesthetics & mood of the Halo tv series.


Halo is an American military science fiction television series based on Halo’s video game franchise. Developed by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane for the streaming service Paramount+, the show follows a 26th-century war between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant, a theocratic-military alliance of several advanced alien races determined to eradicate the human race.

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Creative Process

Yahoo expressed a desire to make the controller bold and collectible. Since they wanted the design to match the propaganda posters scattered in various TV series settings, we used the bluish grey and orange colours as a base.

We then added some extruding elements – while maintaining the comfort of the controller- through Master Chief and a Pelican ship.

This custom Halo controller is the perfect tool to playing your favorite Halo games, and to watch the Halo tv series!