Diablo IV Custom Xbox Series X


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Xbox has joined forces with the creators of Diablo IV to conceive an exclusive Diablo IV Custom Xbox Series X.


Join the fight for Sanctuary in Diablo IV, the ultimate action RPG adventure. Experience the critically acclaimed campaign and new seasonal content.

Play game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2344520/Diablo_IV/


This unique console is influenced by the sinister forces that pose a threat to the world of Sanctuary in the Diablo series; resulting in an object as intriguingly dark as the world it represents.

Drawing inspiration from Auguste Rodin’s iconic bronze sculpture, ‘The Gates of Hell’, we have endeavored to visually narrate the player’s encounters within the game. The design elements of our custom Xbox are deeply embedded in the rich narrative and aesthetic of Diablo IV.

It is not merely about playing Diablo IV; with this custom Xbox Series X, it’s about living it.