Rainbow Six Extraction influencer kit


We were mandated to help promote Rainbow Six Extraction’s launch. We designed the Rainbow Six Extraction influencer kit sent to social media influencers across EMEA territories.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Dive into the next mainline Rainbow Six tactical co-op shooter! In Rainbow Six Extraction, select REACT operators have come together to take on ferocious Archaeans during an alien invasion. R6E is filled with intense, thrilling, and unpredictable environments that change every time you play.

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Creative process

Focusing on the REACT team aesthetic, the influencer kit features the team’s bold yellow & biohazard-style logo. We certainly had a BLAST designing the unique destructible & parasite-like dark alien webbing covering the package, which recipients had to tear away to open the kit.

The press kit features the following goodies:

  • A black REACT cap
  • A replica of Capitao’s eyepatch
  • Embroidered patch logos
  • A REACT logo-embossed paper folder
  • An acrylic crest LED light
  • Lithographies of R6E operators
  • PolaroĂŻd pictures showcasing Archaeans
  • Ela, Lion and Vigil chibis