Twin Mirror Key art


Pre-release, Twin Mirror was exhibited at the PC GAMING SHOW 2020 and the EPIC Conference. We were tasked to create the Twin Mirror key art and teaser trailer as marketing assets, and to generate interest amongst gamers and journalists.

Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror is a third-person adventure game where players take control of investigative journalist Sam Higgs to solve a dark mystery within his hometown. Twin Mirror is both developed and published by Dontnod Entertainment; their first published in-house game.

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Creative process

We worked closely with award-winning storytellers DON’T NOD, who provided us with the models we needed to create key art and a trailer that would pique the interest of gamers worldwide. The title key art was produced and arranged from 3D character models available to us from the game.

For the Twin Mirror trailer, we used in-game models and other assets to create a narrative overview, showcasing the action and story elements complemented by moody musical cues.  Our creatives handled the process, from rough sketches to 3D elements and post-production, before the trailer was unveiled at the exhibits.

As part of its social targeting strategy, DON’T NOD asked us to create exclusive Twitch overlays for streamers playing Twin Mirror online.  The uptake was fantastic – streamers could be seen playing the game with our custom Twin Mirror-themed overlays and designs, with unique cue cards also keeping viewers informed about the streamer’s progress.