Custom Minecraft PC


For the update Caves & Cliffs Part 2 released in November 2021, we made a custom PC directly inspired from Minecraft.


Minecraft immerses the player in a procedurally created world of voxels (cubes) representing different materials such as earth, sand, stone, water, lava or minerals forming various structures (trees, caves, mountains, temples).   

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Our artists have made one of their most beautiful creations with this fantastic custom PC. The finishing details are on a whole new level.   

This 3D project has been hand-painted, giving the PC a unique style. Several iconic elements of the game are an integral part of the design, including the transparent waterfall that was designed in acrylic. All the characters on this customization were printed in resin and painted with a brush. It’s a real puzzle of pieces that makes up this beautiful project. On one of the sides of the PC, we can see the game’s logo, here printed in UV. It should be noted that all the characters on the PC are magnetized at the base so that they always remain in place without being anchored in the PC.   

This PC was presented in a contest for Microsoft Rewards. In total, 5 people had the chance to win this exclusive piece. Are you the lucky winner?