Why you should make a game teaser & trailer

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You have the idea of the century to create a game that DIFFERS from what’s on the market? That’s tremendous! Unless you already have an audience that follows your game design progress and knows your studio, you need to spend some time marketing & targeting your key audience to understand what they are interested in.

After all, a game’s promotional video is all about making the target players’ mouths water! Consequently, the first 4 to 5 seconds of any promotional video are the most crucial. They guarantee the success of a marketing video for customer conversion and pre-sales.

To tease or not to tease your game, that is the question…

Take the teaser, for example. The teaser video hints at a game’s greatness, and shows a few eye-catching elements in less than a minute to see and test the target audience’s interest in the game. Moreover, the teaser is used early in the game development timeline to generate hype before the game’s launch.

Henceforth, the game teaser is a tool that needs to be used conscientiously. It will attract potential buyers and investors and the media’s attention. If done well and published strategically on multiple platforms like social media, that is!

What about your game trailer?

As for the trailer, it is generally longer than a teaser. The game trailer allows you to show more elements that highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP) of the game; that is to say, what distinguishes your game from your competitors and the market in general.

Your game trailer allows your game to shine visually and focus on specific marketing elements that will help you generate wish lists, pre-sales, and sales; Whether it’s the storyline, genre, characters, or environments.

Where is the emotional hook?

Of course, you want to get people to buy the game, but you need to hook them in the first place by evoking emotions! A trailer for a game that has taken your heart hostage will be remembered much longer (Firewatch, Gris, and The Last of Us 2 trailers come to mind here).

The beauty of this is that you can evoke emotions in infinite ways: through the aesthetics of the game, a poignant voice-over, the soundtrack, the rhythm, precise cinematics… etc. There is no magic recipe: only winning combinations that have nothing to do with luck!



So what should I do?

In essence, a promotional video for a game is a quick montage of epic sequences. Its goal is to make people want to continue reading the video and learn more about your game.

If you don’t have in-house marketing specialists, you’d benefit from using a content marketing agency like us. We can help better target your gaming market. We’re experts in making creative content that will appeal to your gaming audience, no matter the content form. Thus, TAKEOFF is a full-service and fully integrated marketing gaming agency. We’d be delighted to discuss how our content marketing expertise can be useful to you!

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