Vans x Annie Guglia – Custom headphones

Vans Canada

Our team made a personalized and unique gift for the Skateboard Canada President Annie Guglia.


Annie Guglia is a professional skateboarder & Olympian from Montréal, Canada. She is the Women – Street National Champion since 2018 (4 years in a row).

More about her:


Annie Guglia is more than a name; she’s a driving force in the Canadian and Montreal skateboarding community. As the President of Skateboard Canada, a former Olympian, and a passionate ambassador for the Vivace collective (Link to Vivace), Annie represents the spirit of the Montreal skate scene.

To express our gratitude for her dedication to both the skateboard community and a healthier, more inclusive world, we decided to create something personal. Our team crafted a pair of custom JBL headphones. These headphones are a reflection of Annie’s spirit.