Tennis Manager 2022 trailer

Rebound CG

It has been a pleasure to work with Rebound CG to make a thrilling Tennis Manager 2022 trailer!

Tennis Manager 2022

Put on your tennis coach suit and become the manager of a tennis academy. Get immersed in the most realistic tennis simulation, both on and off the court Take the lead and beat the odds!

Take part in the heart of the match and coach your player in real-time thanks to the 3D engine! Are you more of a baseline filer or a serve-and-volley player? Are you exuberant or passive? If you want your player to succeed, take charge, impose your style, and be your player’s manager.

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Creative process

Tennis Manager’s second opus features several powerful features and a new infrastructure system.

Three trailers were created. The first trailer (shown higher up on this page) announces the day of Tennis Manager 2022’s release; the second trailer highlights the new features added to the game, such as the User Interface, enhanced character customization options, and Influencer gameplay and reactions. The third and final trailer we produced is made for launch day.

We wanted to convey the rush of recruiting new players and watching them rise through the ranks in Tennis Manager 2022. Every element is carefully curated, from graphics to audio, to emphasize the dynamic & thrill offered in-game.