Interview with Jonathan Jacques-Belletete / Hell Is Us


Nacon mandated us to make a video interview presenting the game Hell Is Us for the Nacon Connect 2022.

As well as the civil war dividing the country, the region is suffering from a mysterious calamity, which has given rise to supernatural creatures that no modern weapon can defeat.

Your drone and sword from a different age are your faithful allies as you cut a path through lands infested with terrifying chimeras and try to unravel the mystery of their appearance.

Discover Hell Is Us 

We were mandated by Nacon to make a video interview for the Nacon Connect 2022. For this video, our team shot in the Rogue Factor offices. The goal : an interview of Jonathan Jacques-Belletete (Art Director – Hell Is Us) to reveal some secrets behind the design of Hell Is Us.

To support the interview, we integrated some key arts. The interview was distributed internationally for fans to discover an exclusive behind the scenes of Hell Is Us.