Larian Studios

Larian Studios mandated our european studio with the creation of a Baldur’s Gate 3 collector edition.


Baldur’s Gate 3, a creation of Larian Studios, marks the third installment in the iconic tabletop-style RPG series inspired by the timeless Dungeons & Dragons universe. Its launch in 2023 set a new standard for the world of RPGs, earning widespread acclaim as one of the finest in the genre.

About Baldur’s Gate 3:


The metallic-finished collector’s box prominently featured the tentacled visage of the glowing-eyed illithid, with the centerpiece of the collection being a breathtaking, intricately detailed Mind Flayer diorama, standing at a majestic 25 cm in height. This statue depicted the octopus-like creature poised on a rocky landscape, ready for battle, with a nearby Drow awaiting its impending strike.

Complementing the figurine, we included a 200-page art book adorned with stunning, high-quality artwork showcasing the game’s characters and locations. Additionally, a sizeable, premium alloy d20 icosahedron was designed to captivate tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

The weighty d20 found its place in a container alongside the figurine and a metallic tadpole keyring. The collector’s edition also featured six character sheets, a fabric map of FaerĂ»n, and Chibi-style stickers, all elegantly housed in a branded envelope. Included as well were Larian-designed stickers and exclusive digital content from the studio, along with Magic: The Gathering card packs.

We produced over 20,000 editions for both PC and PlayStation 5 players, each with foil-embossed and numbered certificates to authenticate their exclusivity. In our commitment to sustainability, we consciously avoided the use of plastics wherever possible, opting for eco-friendly packaging materials like paper, tissue, and Styrofoam. Our collector’s edition was a success, completely selling out during the pre-order phase.