Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch trailer


Several months prior to launch, Ubisoft approached us about working on the Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch trailer. The objective was to engage & convert more players to the newest addition to the Rainbow Six franchise. This trailer reveals a variety of challenging events that will undoubtedly appeal to regular gamers and hardcore Siege players alike.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Dive into the next mainline Rainbow Six tactical co-op shooter! In Rainbow Six Extraction, select REACT operator have come together to take on ferocious Archaeans during an alien invasion. R6E is filled with intense, thrilling, and unpredictable environments that change every time you play.

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Creative process

Our post-launch trailer was designed in consultation with key stakeholders, marketing, and art. We developed exciting motion graphics supporting the fantastic post-launch PVP events and crucial upcoming points, with the goal of grabbing the attention of old and new players.

We edited the entire trailer to ensure coherence between animations and in-game sequences, as well as to reinforce the ambitious post-launch content in Rainbow Six Extraction.