Broken Edge – Artistic resources


For the release of the new game of Trebuchet: Broken Edge, we have made assets and a new graphic identity of the game.


Broken Edge is a VR multiplayer fantasy dueling game where you embody iconic swordfighters. Use their unique techniques and powers combined with cutting-edge fencing mechanics to claim victory against online opponents and climb the ranks!

Broken Edge is developed by Trebuchet and published by Fast Travel Games.

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Our objective: create a new brand guide with a unique style for the release of the game Broken Edge. Our team worked on several artistic resources in line with Trebuchet’s identity and the unusual universe of Broken Edge. To create the assets of this campaign, we used our know-how in branding, graphic design, video and image processing. In total, we developed:

  • A new logo consisting of the sword (the game’s flagship element) that is at the heart of the creation.
  • A new graphic design inspired by the Broken Edge game style
  • Several artistic resources to promote the game on the store
  • A video animation of the Broken Edge logo that combines the guidelines of Trebuchet with the unique style of Broken Edge.