Terminator: Dark fate
Custom Xbox one X

Terminator: Dark Fate, custom Xbox One X

TAKEOFF Creative mission

He is back…
In an alternate reality, John Connor is dead, killed by a T800. The future rebellion against the machines is threatened. Once again, the future of humanity is in danger.
In order to kill future rebellion leader, “Dani”, a brand-new type Rev-9 Terminator arrives on Earth. Fortunately, Grace, a cybernetically enhanced soldier, is sent from the future to protect Sarah, whatever the price. During their escape, both women will face unpredictable meetings. Firstly with Sarah Connor, and later, with the T800 who killed John.

As fans of the franchise, we decided to work on this project with a great pleasure. New Terminator, new challenge, new custom console!
In order to illustrate this sixth opus of the saga Terminator, we chose to represent the Rev-9 Terminator. Based on his endoskeleton, this custom console shows how this enemy can liquify and separate his body from his skin. Using different techniques of 3D printing and resin, this Xbox duplicate the Rev-9’s special ability.
Also, by adding lights, we really wanted to bring life to our Terminator. Once more, we designed unique Xbox One X for two lucky winners.

Project Details

Client: Xbox

Date: April 27, 2020

Online: www.xbox.com/en-CA

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