Wu-Tang: An American Saga
Xbox One X custom

Wu-Tang: An American Saga, Hulu series

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Wu-Tang: An American Saga is set in New York City in the early 90’s. From Bobby Diggs’ eyes, aka The RZA, it shows the beginning of the mythic band. While north America is drowning under the cocaine epidemic, Diggs tries not to fall into the drug business. Unlike is brother, he turns to rap and unites other friends in a clan in order to stay away from crime. Fighting against bad temptations and forces that hold them down, the clan will manage to save themselves from a grim future.

How to represent one of the most popular rap groups of the last century? After many brainstorm sessions and ideas being tossed around, we finally found our answer. We must go crazy but stay classic; 90’s rap music classic!
So, we adapted a 3D model of turntable in order to perfectly fit the Xbox One X. Then with high quality 3D printing and the talent of our artists we transformed this piece of resin into piece of art. An ultra-detailed and fully customized Xbox one X Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

Project Details

Date: April 6, 2020

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