Stranger Things
Custom console & controller

Custom console case for Stranger Things series

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Hawkins, Indiana, summer 1985. School is finished, and summer vacations are well on their way. What’s more is that Hawkins citizens can now enjoy the brand-new Star Court mall.

Our young group of friends are quickly becoming adults and with it many changes happen in their relationships. Some of them are getting closer, relationship have changed, and the group’s dynamic is suffering because of it. But more importantly, in darkness, danger awaits. Hawkins City is threatened by many enemies, some unknown and others have evolved for the worst. Consequently, the Hawkins team will have to get together again and renew their friendship. Thus, they will be able to fight all evil creatures arriving.

For the launch of the third season of Stranger Things, Xbox and Netflix, built a cooperation. For this occasion, they asked TAKEOFF Creative to create a concept for a social media contest. In order to represent the core universe of Stranger Things, our graphic team designed an old-school arcade cabinet. A true wink to the origin of the series, this custom console arcade cabinet allowed the lucky winners to put an Xbox One X inside. As a piece of art, it also can be presented as a decoration item. This arcade cabinet comes with a painted controller with 3rd season pattern.

Project Details

Client: Xbox America

Date: February 12, 2020


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