Solar Opposite
personalized Xbox One

Solar Opposite adult animated sitcom, Hulu

TAKEOFF Creative mission

In order to draw attention to the release and broadcast of the first season, Microsoft and Hulu wished to highlight this event by a contest. The price, a personalized Xbox One on the theme of Solar Opposites!
Solar Opposite is an off-the-wall animation series for adults.
An exclusive project launched by the American video on demand site Hulu and the series co-creator Justin Roiland, known for the series Rick&Morty, and Mike McMahan. Solar Opposite tells the story of aliens pretending to be a human family seeking refuge in the United States, in a typical American town.
The competition is unfortunately already over! And all the consoles have been won. To console yourself, all you have to do is watch the series!

The main intention will therefore be to translate the 2D universe of the series. A volume that perfectly matches the Xbox One console while incorporating the graphic style of the series. This one will certainly appeal to followers of the genre and fans of the series. All the personalized Xbox One console creation is inspired by a scene from The Booster Manifold! We obviously find the omnipresent character on the console and the controller, a red Goobler thirsty for revenge!

Project Details

Client: Microsoft

Date: January 15, 2021


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