SCUF SWAGG custom controller

SCUF Instinct Pro Controller

TAKEOFF Creative’s mission

Engineered for better performance and a more responsive feel, SCUF Instinct Pro was designed to take precious milliseconds off your reaction times in any game you play.

How can we create the most expensive controller?

That was the initial request from SCUF after they asked if we’d be down to create an INSANELY GRANDIOSE customized SCUF controller for a popular eSports influencer. The finished product would be gifted to SWAGG, a member of the Nuke Squad.

We began to evaluate the customization potential of the Scuff Instinct Pro controller. The goal was to incorporate SWAGG’s group of friends, called the “Nuke Squad”. Then, we explored various possibilities with the group’s post-apocalyptic branding. The primary constraint we had to work around was to make ABSOLUTELY all parts of the controller customized AND customizable (as per SCUF controllers are all highly customizable).

The overall controller dons an effect & finish mimicking corrosion only a post-apocalyptic object could showcase. Most of the controller’s front and back features a dark grey colour, and the top features an eroded WARNING motif of diagonal yellow and black lines. The motif is also applied to the LT and RT buttons on the top sections of the XBOX controller. Both front Joysticks (as well as the arrows) feature a yellow & black toxic symbol to emphasize the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the “Nuke Squad”.

Under the front plate, you can see that a TOXIC symbol has been painted on the left side of the interior. The right side features a CAUTION: RADIATION HAZARD sign. In addition, we’ve created custom gamepad buttons, integrating precious metals in each button.

The COOLEST part is when you take the controller under a UV light: the SWAGG logo and some erosions on the controller’s front side lighten up, as well as the chassis of the controller (due to long-term exposure to radiations, and biomolecular mutations under post-apocalyptic conditions, of course).


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