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TAKEOFF Creative mission

Rise of Kingdoms is an incredible real time strategic MMO for mobile phones, based on historical conquerors. After choosing your hero among more than 20 characters among 8 major Kingdoms, go to war on an ultra detailed map.

Each hero has his/her own troops and buildings, that you are able to upgrade during all your campaign. Also, exploring the world all around you, you will discover new technologies, and other players. Determine which them would be a future ally for the road to victory. But pay attention to treasons, only one civilization can win the campaign.

In order to make original content for social media, TAKEOFF realized various creative assets. Each concept was conceptualized in order to optimize commitment and interaction between users.

With this goal in mind, we created special assets for Rise of Kingdoms. We were in charge of all the creation steps in order to make the whole concept cohesive. These assets are themed for winter and we managed art direction for all images from concept to motion design.

Among these creations, we find in specifics videos some of the commanders of the game, each one pictured in their lands which transform into winter time. Secondly, still in winter theme, we realized a 360 video for a social media contest.

Project Details

Client: Lilith Games

Date: May 27, 2019

Online: www.lilithgames.com

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