PY1 pyramid
Explicative Video

PY1 pyramid, video presentation for the project

TAKEOFF Creative mission

This summer, Guy Laliberté will present his last creation. This new world premiere’s name: PY1 pyramid!

This infrastructure never seen before, will be one the place to see in 2019. This place is build to host a various number of multi-sensors and fully immersive shows. With incredible dimensions, the PY1 pyramid is also a massive concentrate of technology in order to ensure fantastic and unique visual effects. During all the colorful spectacles and thematic evenings, spectators will be directly in the middle of each performance and will live a new experience.

And guess what… PY1 starts in Montreal!

For this exceptional project, Lune Rouge put us in charge of the video who will present PY1.

Because it’s a brand-new, unseen project, we had to present and explain it in all its diversity. That’s why, our motion design team used many of their capacities in it. They mixed for example 2D image animations, Motion design and add to the video music and sound design (in collaboration with Pixel Audio). Finally, PY1 ended with a dynamic video presenting all the possibilities and technical aspects of the place. Similarly, the video presentation is localized for French and English customers.

Project Details

Client: LuneRouge Enterteinment

Date: May 27, 2019


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