Octopath Traveler
Collector Edition

Octopath Traveler, Collector Edition

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Welcome to the world of Orsterra for a new fantastic RPG. Start your new adventure with one of the eight traveler and discover each one’s story and specialities. During your travel, the story will never stop to surprise you. In a wonderful world with « 2D HD graphics » you will live unique personalized quests for each traveler. Also, with a new combat system, Octopath Traveler, offers very dynamic turn base battles. Throughout all your choices, you will have to travel your own path or discover the seven other travelers’ stories.

For this game, TAKEOFF developed a unique special edition. This collector, looking as an old book, includes different items. We created a complete game map, a coin from Orsterra’s world and an amazing « pop-up » book. True piece of technical and graphic challenge, this « pop-up » book is made of eight detailed 3D scenes in different layers, representing the 2D HD graphics of the game.

Project Details

Client: Square Enix

Date: April 1, 2019

Online: www.square-enix.com/

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