Video localization

Arms on Nintendo Switch, video localization

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Arms is one of the new game released in 2017 on Nintendo Switch. In this original fight game, extendable and customizable arms can be use by the player to battle. The new technology included in the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch reproduces the player arms movements into the game. Therefore the player can choose the destination of his shots, jump, move or dodge the attacks of the opponent. Without doubt a fun game!

Nintendo Canada entrusts Takeoff Creative to make the localization in French the Arms trailer. Localization is more than just translation word by word. The content needed adaptation in order to have the same impact as the original for the new audience. For this reason, Takeoff Creative meticulously replaced and localized in French signs, the voice-over, legal and on-screen text.

Project Details

Client: Nintendo Canada

Date: July 25, 2017


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