Godzilla : King of Monsters
Xbox One X custom

Godzilla : King of Monsters, custom consoles

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Once again, Titans from the depth of the Earth come back to the human world. Regarding the scale of the invasion, humans have to make a crucial decision, look for gigantic help, Godzilla’s help…

The future of humanity is under threat, but the most important battle will take place for the throne of the king of monsters. While humans do their best to survive, which Titan will be the last to defeat the others, save or kill the humans or the entire world?

When all famous monsters from Godzilla universe come back, they need something huge enough. TAKEOFF knows how to do that and that is why we made some of our biggest Xbox One X custom consoles. In fact, this very limited custom series of Xbox One X represents each Titan of the film Godzilla : King of Monsters. Winners of these pieces of art will be lucky enough to discover which of the four designs they will receive among Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah and of course Godzilla.

Project Details

Client: Xbox - Warner

Date: May 6, 2019

Online: www.godzilla-movie.net/

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