25th Anniversary Collector Edition

Flashback 25th anniversary, Collector Edition

TAKEOFF Creative mission

For the Flashback 25th anniversary, Anuman brings back to life on of this 90’s classic video game.

The story is set in 2142 and you’re Conrad B. Hart. Right now, you are on a far-away planet after discovering an alien plot to overtake Earth. You must survive and find your way back to foil the aliens’ deadly plans…

In order to put the emphasis on this festive event, TAKEOFF Creative worked on the complete design of the collector edition. Firstly, using key elements of the game, we realized all designs and most items of this edition. Secondly, each item was also localized for European and American distribution. This edition contains various items such as, a steel case, a metallic plate, the soundtrack, the game manual and lastly stickers.

Project Details

Client: Microïds

Date: April 8, 2019

Online: www.microids.com/EN/

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