Far Cry 6 custom console & controller

Far Cry 6

TAKEOFF’s mission

Far Cry 6 invites players to fight for the freedom of fictional Caribbean island Yara during a guerilla uprising in 1967. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft, the open-world action-adventure game is an explosive & dynamic addition to the fantastic Far Cry franchise.

Microsoft and Ubisoft mandated us to design stellar Far Cry 6 custom console and controller to celebrate the launch of the new Far Cry game, while pushing customization to the extreme and reflect the game’s new enchanting & bloodthirsty setting.

Our goal was to capture the eclectic & creative weapon customization elements from the Guerilla’s Resolver Spirit: through resource-stretched means to fight for freedom. Yara’s rebel forces have to use whatever’s around them to build tools to take on El Presidente’s forces – our Far Cry 6 custom console and controller designs reflect the Resolver Spirit of Libertad by incorporating various elements such as the Supremos backpacks to make them look like dangerous in-game weapons.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

Our custom Xbox Series X console made great use of its tower shape, converting the console into a rusty blue ‘dirty bomb.’ The console features four pipe bombs, a filthy jerrycan for a blast of colour (pun intended), and intricate wiring snakes coming out of a derelict-looking electronic unit.

The Xbox Series S features similar paintwork to the Series X, even though smaller. Since it’s made to look like a rusty voltage cabinet, the console is complemented by the same signature blue colouring, far cry 6 logo, and Yara flag paintwork.


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