Far Cry 5
Illustrations of character portraits

Far Cry 5, illustrations of main characters portraits

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Welcome to Montana Marshall! We hope you’re in shape, because things gonna become harder. No more small thefts, arrest for speeding tickets or other bar fights. You’re the new prey of a growing apocalyptic cult in the small town of Hope County. Clear off your ticket pad and your whistle, it’s time to make some noise with heavy artillery. You must become the hunter and restore order and law in this former haven of peace… or not…

In order to help players in their mission, Far Cry 5 gives us «Guns for hire» characters. For their presentations, TAKEOFF Creative realized illustrations of character portraits for Far Cry 5. These portraits were used for baseball cards designs and others promotional items of the game.

Project Details

Client: Ubisoft

Date: December 18, 2018

Online: www.ubisoft.com/en-ca/

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