Far Cry 5
disruptive posts

Far Cry 5 disruptive posts

TAKEOFF Creative mission

This 5th opus of Far Cry brings you to Montana for one of the craziest adventure of the series. Drown deep into the darkest parts of America between “rednecks”, first amendment defenders and “true believers” of the Father’s cult…
As a US Marshall recruit, face an army of fanatics. You will have to survive then bring back the law in Hope County. However you won’t be alone and would be significantly supported by misfortune friends with… explosive skills.

With videos especially formatted, Takeoff Creative gives the opportunity to Ubisoft Canada to use these disruptive posts. Resulting in a very dynamic content on the fan page, these posts have a real impact on users. Eventually we used these Far Cry 5 disruptive posts to promote in-game assets and everyone’s favorite, Boomer.

Project Details

Client: Ubisoft Canada

Date: June 8, 2018

Online: www.facebook.com/Ubisoft.Canada/

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