Dead Cells
Mobile Announcement Trailer

Dead Cells, Mobile Announcement Trailer

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Adapted for mobile by Playdigious, Dead Cells launches a new run with a new user interface. From now on, gamers will be able to play on their iOS and Android mobile this multi-rewarded game. Moreover, the new user interface is now fully customizable. Players will have the opportunity to adapt and play with their own personalized touch interface on their phone. For instance, button sizes and placements will be completely adjustable to optimize your play style, new touch options and the auto-hit mode will be available.

In order to present this new version of the game, TAKEOFF Creative realized an announcement trailer. 30 seconds to present dynamic battle phases, the new user interface and to announce the upcoming mobile launch. Players who don’t know the game yet can discover enemies and bosses of the game, as well as the stylish graphics and sound design.

Project Details

Client: Playdigious

Date: May 21, 2019


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