Launch trailer

Citytopia trailer

TAKEOFF Creative mission

With Citytopia, Atari brings us a brand-new simulator in which you will have to build the city of your dreams. Starting from nothing, you will have to create and manage your city, and change it to a flourishing megalopolis. During your adventure, happiness of your habitants is your main goal, and missions will come with it. Upgrade buildings, implant parks, optimize space areas in order to build your Utopia enjoyable for all your citizens answering their needs.

During Citytopia development, TAKEOFF was in charge of creating the launch trailer of the game. To make this happen, our video and motion design team worked entirely in the Unity engine. So we fully created everything from scratch in order to illustrate the ambiance of this city building simulator. Then, we placed and animated all the cameras, added motion design and embedded 3D texts on each scene.

Project Details

Client: Atari

Date: May 13, 2019


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