Rise of Kingdoms
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Rise of Kingdoms, Social Media Cartoon Movie

TAKEOFF Creative mission

Rise of Kingdoms is an incredible real time strategic MMO for mobile phones, based on historical conquerors. After choosing from more than 20 heroes divided into 8 civilizations, set out to conquer an ultra-detailed map.

Each hero has his own troops and buildings, which you can improve throughout your campaign. Also, while exploring the world all around you, you will discover new technologies, and other players. Determine which them would be a future ally for the road to victory. But pay attention to treason, only one civilization can win the campaign.

In order to offer fans a new kind of storytelling, the Rise of Kingdoms team asked TAKEOFF Creative to produce the first cartoon episode based on the universe of their game.

To do this, the entire TAKEOFF video team took part on this project. While drawing inspiration from the commanders present in the game, we found them a style and character of their own. After which we developed the script, the sets, the dialogues and the atmosphere while inserting references. Once all the animation was completed, we recorded and placed the voices, as well as the subtitles. The entire project was coordinated and directed by TAKEOFF as the starting point for a series of videos. So be ready, you might see some new commanders in the next episodes of Rise of Kingdoms’ cartoon!

Project Details

Client: Lilith Games

Date: February 18, 2020

Online: www.lilithgames.com/en/

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