Themed controllers in custom cases

Anthem, themed controllers in custom cases

TAKEOFF Creative mission

In an unfinished world where humans try to make their way, take part of it as a Freelancer. In the middle of this hazardous and dangerous world, abandoned by ancient gods, you are a protector of humanity. Wearing your special exoskeleton named Javelin, your strength and power are multiplied and allow you to discover and fight in your surrounding biome. You will have to survive against the Anthem, a mysterious power, and also living monsters created by the old gods. The future of humanity is in your hands…

For a special event on Xbox Canada’s Twitter, TAKEOFF Creative designed and created cases and Xbox One controllers. As part of Anthem themed sets, we managed all the handmade conception of each set. For this custom limited edition of 6 sets of 4 controllers, each controller is hand painted. Also, each case is specially screen printed with Anthem logo and icons.

Project Details

Client: Xbox Canada

Date: March 22, 2019


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